Brett Orme Missing: Who is Brett Orme? A Mysterious Disappearance

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Brett Orme Missing – The unexplained disappearance of Brett Orme, a 54-year-old resident of Fitzgibbon, has sent shockwaves through the community. 

As the search for him intensifies, local and homicide detectives are working tirelessly to uncover the truth behind his vanishing act.

Who is Brett Orme? 

Brett Orme, a well-known figure in the local trades community, stands at 180 centimeters tall, with short brown hair and blue eyes. Operating his own shed-building business, he is recognized for his professionalism and dedication. 

Brett was last seen wearing his signature high-visibility polo shirt, reflective of his work attire. Despite having no prior run-ins with the law, his sudden disappearance has prompted the involvement of law enforcement agencies.

Timeline of Events 

The alarm was raised on August 16 when Brett Orme’s family reported him missing. His last known location traces back to August 11, when he left an address on Odense Street in Fitzgibbon. Departing in a white 2012 Nissan Navara with Queensland registration 354WAN, he seemingly vanished without a trace. 

Two days later, on August 13, he had a conversation with his son, hinting at imminent plans. On the same day, he was spotted at Ironbark Gully in Ferny Hills around 12:40 pm. Unfortunately, from this point onward, all signs of Brett’s whereabouts vanish.

Investigation and Discovered Clues 

Law enforcement, including local and homicide detectives, are actively investigating Brett Orme’s disappearance. His mobile phone, used for a conversation with his family and a selfie on August 13, was found near a walking track at Ironbark Gully. Adding to the mystery, his white Nissan Navara was discovered at the Tinchi Tamba wetlands on August 19. This timeline gap has intensified efforts to uncover what transpired during those crucial days.

Public Appeal for Information 

In the latest update on this perplexing case, Brett Orme Missing. With his last confirmed sighting on August 11 and his official report as missing on August 16, the authorities are making a public plea for information. 

Local authorities and specialized homicide detectives are combining their expertise to decipher the circumstances surrounding his disappearance. The community’s assistance is vital in solving this puzzling enigma.

The Ongoing Search 

As of now, Brett Orme has not been found. The investigation into his disappearance is ongoing, with law enforcement agencies urging anyone with relevant information to come forward. The dedicated efforts of both local police and homicide detectives underscore the gravity of the situation. 

The missing pieces between Brett’s last known contact and the discovery of his abandoned vehicle are critical to solving this intricate puzzle. The community’s involvement remains key to resolving this unsettling mystery and providing closure to his loved ones.


The enigma of Brett Orme’s disappearance continues to baffle the community and law enforcement alike.

The collaborative pursuit of answers, fueled by the dedication of investigators and the support of the public, is a testament to the determination to unveil the truth behind this mysterious vanishing.

Brett Orme Missing: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Brett Orme? 

A: Brett Orme is a 54-year-old resident of Fitzgibbon known for his shed-building business and active presence in the local trades community.

Q: When was Brett Orme last seen? 

A: Brett was last seen on August 11, leaving an address on Odense Street in Fitzgibbon, wearing his professional high-visibility polo shirt.

Q: What are the significant events in his disappearance? 

A: On August 13, he communicated with his son and was spotted at Ironbark Gully in Ferny Hills. His mobile phone was found near a walking track, and his white Nissan Navara was discovered at the Tinchi Tamba wetlands on August 19.

Q: What is being done to find him? 

A: Local and homicide detectives are actively investigating the case. Law enforcement has appealed to the public for information to bridge the gaps in his timeline.

Q: Has Brett Orme been found? 

A: As of the latest update, Brett Orme has not been found. The search for him continues, with law enforcement and the community working together to solve this mystery.

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