CNN Ravina Shamdasani Nationality And Ethnicity: What country is she from?

Latest News CNN Ravina Shamdasani Nationality And Ethnicity

CNN Ravina Shamdasani Nationality And Ethnicity -Ravina a Shamdasani’s nationality and ethnicity have piqued people’s interest. Discover all of the current details in this regard by reading on.

Background and Upbringing in Hong Kong:

Ravina Shamdasani spent her formative years in Hong Kong, a city that she calls her hometown. Despite her origins in Singapore, her childhood in Hong Kong molded her identity and worldview.

Educational Journey and Multilingual Skills:

Shamdasani earned a degree in journalism & political science from Northwestern University in the USA. Her linguistic skills, which include English, French, Hindi, & Sindhi, have proven useful in her worldwide advocacy work.

Career Path: From Journalism to Human Rights Advocacy:

Shamdasani returned to journalism after a brief stint in public relations in Chicago. Mary worked as a journalist for the South China Day Times in Hong Kong before moving to New Zealand. She went on to earn a master’s degree in equality from the College in Hong Kong, which paved the door for her extensive dedication to human rights activism.

Role as Spokesperson for UN Human Rights Office:

Shamdasani’s commitment to rights for all led me to join the world body, where she served as the spokeswoman to the UN’s High Commissioner to Human Rights in Geneva. She brings to light numerous global human rights breaches through her work, amplifying the plight of those who suffer.

Ambiguity Around Nationality and Ethnicity:

While her hometown and educational background are known, Shamdasani’s nationality remains unclear. Although she was raised in Hong Kong, there is ambiguity about her legal nationality, adding intrigue to her life story. Additionally, her ethnicity is hinted at through her Sindhi Hindu surname, suggesting a connection to the Sindhi ethnic group.

Impactful Work on Global Human Rights Issues:

Shamdasani has worked on critical human rights issues on a global scale throughout her career. She has been a vocal opponent of racism and prejudice against people of African origin, from reporting of the Rohingya issue in Myanmar to confronting bloodshed in Syria and Yemen. Her capacity to communicate in several languages has aided her legal efforts, giving her a formidable advocate of justice around the world.


Ravina Shamdasani’s fantastic job from writer to UN Nations Human Rights Office A spokesperson in Geneva reveals her steadfast devotion to human rights activism. Her fluent skills, paired with her varied past, allow her to shed light on urgent global issues as boosting oppressed voices. Despite the mystery surrounding her country and ethnicity, her influential work serves as a beacon of compassion and justice on the globe, emphasizing the significance of her effort to solve human rights wrongs in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Where was Ravina Shamdasani born and raised?

Ravina Shamdasani was reportedly born in Singapore and raised in Hong Kong, which she considers her hometown.

2. What is Ravina Shamdasani’s educational background?

She graduated from Northwestern University in the USA with an MBA in journalism & political science and later went on to receive an MA in human rights from the City of Hong Kong.

3. What languages is Ravina Shamdasani fluent in?

She speaks English, French, Hindi, & Sindhi fluently.

4. What is her function in the United Nations?

Ravina Shamdasani is the spokesman for the UN High Commissioner to Human Rights in Geneva, where she works against human rights crimes around the world.

5. What are her notable achievements in human rights advocacy?

Shamdasani has worked on major human rights problems, such as writing the the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar, and violence in Syria and Yemen, & lobbying against racism and prejudice against people of African heritage.

6. What is known about her nationality and ethnicity?

While her upbringing shows Hong Kong ties, her legal nationality is unknown. Her Sindhi Hindu surname suggests a tie for the Sindhi ethnic group, however, her ethnicity is not officially documented.

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