List Of Maui Missing: Hundreds of Missing Names Released

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List Of Maui Missing – The List Of Maui Missing has crossed over more than a hundred names. At least 115 people died and others went missing in recent devastating wildfires on Maui, Hawaii.

While recovery efforts are still ongoing, authorities recently released the Maui Missing Persons List, which includes the names and contact information of 388 people missing in the fire.

Those still missing include American citizen Amy Bradley, who went missing on a cruise in 1998. Check out the latest developments surrounding Amy Bradley, who went missing in the Maui wildfires. Maui’s wildfires have been particularly devastating, causing extensive damage to residential and commercial properties.

As recovery efforts ramp up, authorities released the List Of Maui Missing, which still includes the names of 388 missing persons. Among those names is Amy Bradley, a 23-year-old American woman who went missing on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship in March 1998. Bradley has been missing for more than 20 years, despite numerous developments in the case, including sightings of her in ports around the world.

Deadly Maui Fires

The Maui wildfires, one of the deadliest in the United States in more than 100 years, left a trail of destruction in its wake. At least 115 people died in the blaze on August 8, and those still missing are still unknown. Since the fire broke out, reconstruction efforts have been underway, with authorities conducting search-and-rescue operations in the affected areas.

List of Maui Missing persons 

The List Of Maui Missing contains the names and contact details of 388 individuals who have yet to be accounted for following the wildfires.

The list was widely circulated, and authorities called on anyone with information about anyone on the list to come forward. Among those mentioned in the document is Amy Bradley, who disappeared on a Royal Caribbean cruise in 1998. Despite numerous sightings and leads, Bradley’s disappearance has long remained one of the most enduring mysteries in recent memory.

Recent Developments

There has been no concrete progress in the search for Amy Bradley in recent weeks, despite an ongoing search for those missing from the Maui wildfires. But officials are still asking anyone with information about the case to come forward, hoping the release of Maui’s missing persons list will yield new leads. With the world’s attention on Maui after a deadly wildfire, the search for Bradley is back in the spotlight.


In the aftermath of the catastrophic wildfires that have left Maui reeling, the island’s missing persons list stands as a stark reminder of the human toll of this tragedy. With over 100 lives lost and nearly 400 individuals unaccounted for, the community’s resilience shines through as recovery efforts persist. 

The story of Amy Bradley, a young woman whose disappearance continues to baffle despite the passage of time, underscores the complexities of the unknown. As Maui rebuilds and heals, the call for answers remains unwavering, uniting a global community in the shared hope for resolution and closure.

List Of Maui Missing: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Maui Missing Persons List? 

The Maui Missing Persons List is a compilation of names and contact details of 388 individuals who remain unaccounted for following the devastating wildfires that struck the Hawaiian island of Maui.

2. How many casualties were caused by the wildfires? 

The wildfires resulted in a tragic loss of at least 115 lives, marking one of the deadliest fire incidents in the United States in over a century.

3. Who is Amy Bradley? 

Amy Bradley is a 23-year-old American woman who went missing under mysterious circumstances during a Royal Caribbean cruise in March 1998.

Her case remains unsolved despite numerous reported sightings around the world.

4. How did the community react to this tragedy?

The Maui community has demonstrated remarkable resilience in the face of this tragedy, with recovery efforts and search-and-rescue operations underway to locate missing individuals and rebuild the affected areas.

5. What is the significance of the Maui Missing Persons List? 

The list serves as a crucial tool to aid in the search for missing individuals and provide closure to their families. 

Authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward to assist in these efforts.

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