Sunday Igboho Health And Illness 2023: Is he ill?

Sunday Igboho Health And Illness 2023

Sunday Igboho Health And Illness 2023 -Recently, there has been a lot of concern over Sunday Igboho’s health and condition. Determine whether the activist has some health issues.

Introduction: Sunday Igboho – Yoruba Activist and Philanthropist

Sunday Igboho, a prominent Nigerian Yoruba self-determination activist and philanthropist, has become a central figure in the fight for Yoruba rights. Hailing from Igboho in Oke Ogun, Oyo State, his unwavering dedication to the Yoruba cause has captured national attention, making him a significant player in Nigerian politics.

Legal Troubles and Health Concerns: Detention in Benin Republic

In 2021, Sunday Igboho faced legal challenges, culminating in his arrest in Benin Republic. Accused of illegal migration, possession of weapons, and criminal activities, he endured months of detention in Cotonou’s prison. His release in 2022 was primarily due to health concerns, leading to his transfer to a medical center. Despite this tumultuous period, specifics about his health condition remained undisclosed.

Health and Release: Ongoing Speculation

As of the latest updates, there have been no recent reports about Sunday Igboho’s health. Following his release on health grounds, he has maintained a relatively low profile while continuing his advocacy for the Yoruba cause. Speculation surrounds the state of his health, but no official statements or updates have been made public.

Background and Political Journey: From Modakeke to Yoruba Rights Advocate

Sunday Igboho’s journey from a motorcycle repairer in Modakeke to a vocal advocate for Yoruba self-determination is a testament to his resilience. His involvement in politics began during the Modakeke-Ife communal crisis in 1997. Over the years, he has navigated through various challenges, standing as a defender of the Modakeke people and earning recognition for his courage. His encounters with political figures, such as former Governor Rasheed Ladoja, marked significant milestones in his activism.

Challenges and Advocacy: Sunday Igboho’s Dedication to the Yoruba Cause

Despite facing legal troubles and health concerns, Sunday Igboho’s commitment to championing the rights of the Yoruba community remains steadfast. His chieftaincy title, Akoni Oodua of Yorubaland, reflects his dedication. He passionately advocates for the Oduduwa Republic, emphasizing Yoruba self-determination as a pivotal goal. His dedication to the cause continues to shape his role in Nigerian politics.

Conclusion: The Enigmatic Figure in Nigerian Politics

Sunday Igboho’s journey, from a local mechanic to a national activist, showcases his unwavering dedication to the Yoruba cause. Amidst legal challenges and health concerns, he persists in his advocacy for the Oduduwa Republic, making him an enigmatic and influential figure in Nigerian politics. The spotlight remains on this determined activist as he navigates the complexities of his mission, leaving the nation in anticipation of his next moves.


Sunday Igboho’s rise from humble beginnings to prominence as a Yoruba rights activist illustrates his persistent commitment and resilience. Despite legal obstacles and medical concerns, he remains a fervent supporter of the Yoruba cause & the Oduduwa Republic. While details regarding his health are unknown, his dedication and loyalty to the cause have made him a prominent and intriguing force in Nigerian politics, with the country eagerly awaiting his next moves.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Sunday Igboho?

Sunday Igboho is a prominent Nigerian Yoruba self-determination activist and philanthropist known for his dedication to the Yoruba cause and advocacy for the Oduduwa Republic.

2. Why was Sunday Igboho arrested in the Benin Republic?

He was arrested on charges of illegal migration, possession of weapons, and involvement in criminal activities while attempting to flee to Germany with his wife.

3. What is the status of Sunday Igboho’s health?

As of the latest updates, there are no specific details about his current health status. He was released on health grounds in 2022, but the exact nature of his illness remains undisclosed.

4. What is Sunday Igboho’s role in Yoruba politics?

Sunday Igboho is a vocal advocate for Yoruba self-determination and the Oduduwa Republic. He holds the chieftaincy title of Akoni Oodua of Yorubaland, reflecting his commitment to the Yoruba community.

5. What challenges has Sunday Igboho faced in his activism?

Igboho has faced legal troubles, including arrest and detention, due to his activism. Despite these challenges, he continues to persistently advocate for Yoruba rights and self-determination.

6. Is Sunday Igboho currently holding rallies or events?

As of his release in 2022, he is under legal restrictions and is not allowed to leave Cotonou or hold rallies, maintaining a lower profile while continuing his advocacy for the Yoruba cause.

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