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Susan Carter Missing Update – New information emerges, changing the investigation into her and Natasha’s disappearance. In the context of the preceding facts, Susan Carter was a lady who became the lead suspect in a 23-year-old kidnapped cold case.

Initially, it was thought that she had stolen her daughter, Natasha “Alex” Carter, following a custody battle in 2000.

Susan Carter Missing Case

The case of Susan Carter Missing Update, who disappeared in 2000 with her daughter Natasha “Alex” Carter, has taken another unexpected turn in a complex and long-running mystery.

For more than two decades, authorities suspected Susan of kidnapping her daughter during a custody struggle with her husband, Rick Lafferty.

The case began on August 8, 2000, when Susan, 41, and her 10-year-old daughter, Natasha, appeared to vanish into thin air right after moving in with Susan’s new husband.

Susan Carter Missing Update allegedly left a chilling message for her husband, indicating that he wouldn’t ever see his little girl again.

The inquiry into their abduction was fraught with twists and turns. According to FBI wanted posters, Susan’s behavior and her daughter’s obvious fear of her mom formed a bleak image. Susan was thought to be the main suspect, and a $10,000 reward was given for information that led to her arrest. In 2023, the investigation’s trajectory changed radically. West Virginia State Police have gathered additional information that suggests Susan and Natasha vanished simultaneously under unexplained circumstances.

Cold Kidnapping Case

The cold case of Susan Carter’s kidnapping has captivated the nation’s attention for nearly two decades, and as of 2023, the query remains: Has Susan Carter been found? Susan Gail Carter & her daughter Natasha Carter’s strange disappearance in 2000 has been defined by twists and turns, as well as a new revelation that has baffled authorities and the public. The FBI’s crime scene investigators made another significant statement, announcing that they had discovered and recovered new forensic evidence related to the case. The nature of this proof remains unknown to the public.

In light of these latest developments, authorities have increased the reward to $20,000 for any knowledge leading to the arrest of Susan and Natasha Carter. They continue to ask for the public’s help in solving this perplexing cold case, urging people to reach out to the West Virginia State Police Beckley Division. Sending prayers and love to the families of Susan Gail Carter & Natasha “Alex” Carter as they deal with the agony of their abduction.


Susan Carter and Natasha Carter’s disappearance case has taken a remarkable turn in 2023, with new information challenging previous suspicions. The emergence of undisclosed forensic evidence and an increased reward for information brings renewed hope for resolution. As the nation remains captivated by this enduring mystery, we stand in solidarity with the families affected, sending our heartfelt prayers and support during these trying times.

“This case initially appeared as Susan Carter kidnapped Natasha Carter, but over the course of the investigation it has been determined that both Susan Carter and Natasha Carter are, have been, missing until August 8, 2000,” West Virginia State Police said in an announcement.

Susan Carter Missing Update: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Susan Carter, and when did she disappear? 

Susan Carter disappeared in 2000 along with her daughter Natasha “Alex” Carter. She was initially suspected of kidnapping Natasha during a custody battle.

2. What was the initial suspicion in the case? 

Initially, Susan Carter was the lead suspect, accused of kidnapping her daughter Natasha during a custody dispute with her husband, Rick Lafferty.

3. What recent development has occurred in the case? 

In 2023, West Virginia State Police revealed new information suggesting that Susan and Natasha may have disappeared under mysterious and unexplained circumstances, changing the trajectory of the investigation.

4. What is the current reward for information related to Susan and Natasha Carter’s disappearance? 

The reward for information leading to the arrest of Susan and Natasha Carter has been increased to $20,000.

5. What role does the FBI play in this case? 

The FBI has been involved in the case, and recently, they announced the discovery of new forensic evidence related to the disappearance. The nature of this evidence remains undisclosed.

6. How can the public assist in solving this cold case? 

Authorities continue to seek the public’s help in solving this perplexing case. If you have any information, please reach out to the West Virginia State Police Beckley Division.

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