Texas Joel Verghese Missing Update 2023: Is He Found Yet?

Latest News Texas Joel Verghese Missing Update 2023

Texas Joel Verghese Missing Update 2023 -Joel Verghese’s disappearance has alarmed his family because he has yet to be discovered. Learn more about his missing person case.

Joel Verghese’s Disappearance: 

Joel Verghese, the sixteen-year-old boy in Senova Riverstone, disappears on October 10, 2023. Around 11 a.m., he was last seen riding his bicycle out of his residence. Since his kidnapping, there has been no trace of him, causing great anxiety and concern among those closest to him.

Community Response and Social Media Appeal: 

Joel’s family and the community have launched a worldwide search for him over social media platforms such as Facebook. Several posts and updates were published, pleading with people to assist in spreading the word and locating Joel. Many people take part in the effort, voicing worries and asking questions across multiple channels.

Police Investigation Status: 

The police agency has not offered any updates on Joe Verghese’s disappearance as of now. Despite the community’s engagement & social media efforts, no official information any breakthrough from law authorities regarding Joel’s disappearance has been provided.

Details of Joel Verghese and His Disappearance: 

Joel Verghese, who was born on November 18, 2006, stands five feet eleven inches tall and has curly short hair. He last was seen on his black bicycle red and white striped trousers and a gray hoodie. His relatives and friends are worried about his health and safety.

Public Appeal for Information: 

The public’s demand for data continues to grow. If friends, family, or concerned persons have any information concerning Joel’s whereabouts, they may call Sabina Verghese at 281-738-6679. The appeal for help has gone viral, highlighting the importance of locating Joel as fast as possible.

Contact Information for Assistance: 

If anyone has information regarding Joel Verghese’s disappearance, they are urged to contact Sabina Verghese at 281-738-6679. Any leads or relevant details could be crucial in bringing Joel back home, and the community remains hopeful for his safe return.


Joel Verghese, 16, of Senova Riverstone, Texas, was reported missing on October 10, 2023. Despite considerable attempts of social media and among the community, no information on his whereabouts has been released. Joel’s family is anxious because the police have not shared any information. Anyone with pertinent data may contact Mina He at 281-738-6679. The public inquiry is still active. The group is still optimistic about the safe return and is dependent on public assistance to bring him home.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: Who is Joel Verghese?

Joel Verghese is a 16-year-old boy from Senova Riverstone, Texas, who went missing on October 10, 2023.

Q2: When was Joel last seen?

Joel was last seen riding his bike out of his house on October 10, 2023, at 11 a.m.

Q3: What is being done to find Joel?

The community as Joel’s parents have launched a large social media campaign, and police are investigating. Efforts to raise awareness & gather information concerning his location are ongoing.

Q4: Has the police department provided an update?

 There was no official update from the police on Joel Verghese’s disappearance as of yet.

Q5: How can I help in finding Joel?

Please call Mina Verghese at 281-738-6679 if you have a query about Joel’s whereabouts. Furthermore, sharing a term in social media can help with search attempts.

Q6: Is there a description of Joel to be aware of?

Joel is five meters 11 inches tall and has curly short hair. He was last spotted wearing brown jeans and a gray hoodie while on a black bike had red and white stripes.

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